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- Tomwifhat (TWIF) is Tom-with-a-hat meme coin on BNB smartchain and Ethereum network.

- We've the meme driven community and, #tomwifhat will be then 1000x project you can look for.
- More than enough data for us to start a launch pad, see you at #Binance

SNAPSHOT will be taken on every on every Sunday at 00:00:00 UTC
and Top ranked winner will get $500 worth rewards weekly in $TWIF token.
Every time you beat your own record, a text box appears for you to type you
name, in this box the player should type @twitterusername & Winner should in get touch with
Tomwifhat official twitter with winner username
1st - $500 2nd - $400 3rd - $300 4th - $200 5th - $100, Total $1,500 will be distributed Weekly.


TomWifHat is a community-driven token, the community will determine the development of TomWifHat throughout the development process.

Put a hat on the Tom!

Tomwifhat, put a hat on the Tom? Don’t say you don’t find it funny, why try putting a hat on Tom and sharing it with the community?


WIF are dominating memecoin, TWIF will be the first cat to conquer and be at the top of the memecoin leaderboard! A war has broken out, do you want to participate?

Total Supply:

BSC Contract Address : 0x62760e76DCe6b500349EC5F6119228d047913350 ETH Contract Address : 0x62760e76DCe6b500349EC5F6119228d047913350
- Launching TomWifHat Website & Community
- Audit
- 55% Supply Burn
- 25% Supply Lock
- Presale (TBA)
- Airdrop
- Launch On PancakeSwap
- Launch On Uniswap
- Launch Marketing
- Listing CMC & CGK
- Partherships
- Listing of CEXs (Tier 2)
- Tier 1 Listing
- Listing T1 CEXs
- TomChain Swap Launch